From its first days in 1951, Macor was a front runner when it came to modern concepts and technology. 

Today, our design engineers incorporate industry standards, not just 3D-CAD-Systems but a full integration into our ERP-System as well, to make the communication and data transfer with our customers and suppliers as easy and efficient as possible. 

Since our design teams are constantly looking to improve the designs of our products, individual components as well as complete systems, our early involvement in your projects is highly recommended. 

Then and now we are headquartered in Bremen, a city with a rich maritime history and an extensive network of suppliers in close proximity. In 2013 we were taken over by the German Heinrich Rönner Group. As part of this group we can now offer you access to an extensive network of high quality manufacturing and repair facilities. 

But we're not limited to Germany: A world-wide network of licensed agents and authorized service centers is at your disposal 24/7.


Macor Marine Solutions
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