Cruise-Liner Equipment

Macor Marine Solutions is a leading supplier of cargo, and passenger access equipment for passenger vessels and mega yachts. We offer technical solutions tailored to your needs. We can also provide turn-key systems in which cases Macor Marine Solutions can take full responsibility for onboard installation of (y)our equipment, irrespective of type or size. Macor Marine Solutions offers a comprehensive product range consisting of various types of shell doors, platforms, gangway systems and steering gear, among others.

Shell doors and platforms

In order to provide you with multiple cargo and/or passenger access possibilities Macor Marine Solutions has developed a wide range of shell doors, including: 

  • Passenger doors
  • Crew entrance doors
  • Pilot doors
  • Mooring doors
  • Machinery doors
  • Bunker doors

Like shell doors, our platforms and gangways also form an integral part of your ship’s hull structure. Our equipment enables a smooth and safe embarkation of passengers and easy cargo transfer with an easy-to-use operating system.

We supply: 

  • Luggage platforms
  • Mooring observation platforms
  • Tender embarkation platforms
  • Gangway/landing platforms
  • And more!

These systems can be executed in any way you want: Hydraulically operated, with individual power packs, sliding, turning and opening inwards or outwards.


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