Cargo-handling and carrying facilities on any cargo vessel, whether it be a container vessel or bulk-carrier, are to allow maximum speed and efficiency for the transfer of containers and/or cargo onto or off the shore or another ship. After you have selected: 

  • The type and size of ship you wish to buy or build
  • Your loading and unloading requirements
  • Specific cargo-transfer conditions

Macor Marine Solutions can offer you the corresponding products to fit your needs. Our wide range of basic designs includes simple pull covers, folding covers, side rolling covers, pontoon covers, as well as multistacking covers and sliding covers for tween decks.

Our designs leave room for numerous variations and configurations, tailored to your requirements, so our hatch covers can be integrated seamlessly into the overall concept of your ship.

Crane operated (Pontoon) Hatch covers

For containerships lift-away hatch covers, generally referred to as pontoon covers, are an ideal solution. Such hatch covers can be moved quickly and easily using either the ship’s own lifting crane or an onshore crane. Their “multi-stacking” property allows simple stowage, either aboard or ashore. 

Because containerships have only one deck, the hatch covers do not only close off the hold, but must also carry the weight of the containers on the weather deck, which puts high demands on the seal and the overall strength of the system. The often repeated opening and closing of the hatches makes heavy demands on the sealing mechanisms and material. Based on the prevailing demands arising from the LLC (Load Line Convention) for bigger containerships, we developed a robust and operation-free sealing concept: The “MACOR Double Lip Sealing ”.

To meet specific needs and requests, Macor Marine Solutions can also offer an inflatable/deflatable sealing solution.

When Macor Marine Solutions covers are installed for tween decks, semi-automatical folding consoles provide support for our covers without the necessity of coamings.


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