Ro/Ro- and Ro/Pax Equipment

Bow and Stern ramps

A large number of specialized features are required to ensure easy access on ro-ro vessels as well as proper distribution of the load onto the various decks within the ship. Macor Marine Solutions specializes in this field and can offer a wide range of proven designs and equipment. Macor Marine Solution's bow and stern ramps offer easy and safe cargo transfer and at the same time serve as watertight doors. Our bow, stern and side ramps can be executed either as fixed or as slewing ramps.

We supply: 

  • Stern ramps /Jumbo stern ramps
  • Slewing ramps
  • Side ramps
  • Bow ramps
  • And more!

Movable vehicle decks, ramps, covers

To serve the ever-increasing demand for movable car decks with ramp access from the main deck, Macor Marine Solutions provides a variety of structures to make the most of interior space. When not in use, our decks simply can be raised to a stowing position directly underneath the deck using hydraulic rope drive systems. Vehicles can move onto and off these decks using angled ramps formed by the hinged end sections being lowered to the main deck. Rolling cargo can be transferred to the upper and lower decks via builtin internal hinged ramps.These ramps additionally serve to seal off openings in the decks during voyage.


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