Utilizing our experience with passenger and ro-ro vessels and technical knowledge of this type of equipment, we are quite successful in applying this technology to mega yachts. Because mega yacht projects demand exacting technical finesse and premium quality workmanship, our involvement from the very beginning is essential. Effective collaborations in the manufacturing of some of the world‘s largest yachts from the onset have yielded ease of installation and smooth operational performance. 

Examples of Macor Marine’s Solutions products are: 

  • Tender garage doors
  • Bathing platforms
  • Various types of shell doors
  • Hydraulically operated bulwarks for heli-decks
  • Pleasure boat retrieval systems

The combination of our personal input and our skills leads to an exclusive product with a distinctive design. To date, Macor Marine Solutions has finalized more than 160 access arrangements for mega yachts of all types and sizes.


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